16:20 24/7/1986

Steve describes his situation prior to his accident as like holding a full deck of cards. At 16:20 on July 24th 1986 when he was knocked off his motorcycle by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel, he says it was if that deck of cards was violently ripped from his grasp and flung into the air.

Ever since his accident and the subsequent amputation of this right arm and leg, Steve has been gathering up those cards to rebuild his life. Some cards, like those representing complex tasks requiring two hands or the feeling of soft sand between the toes of his right foot, will forever be out of reach. During his journey however, he has found cards that he never knew he held. Since his accident, bolstered by a new found ambition and perseverance Steve has learned fly a plane and started working as an actor.

Like many of those whom have undergone amputation surgery (approx 80% of patients), Steve suffers from constant phantom limb pain. Phantom Limb Pain is thought to be caused by a mismatch between nerve signals and the brain’s mental map of the body but there is no definitive, accepted theory or cure. Phantom Limb Pain manifests itself in many different ways to many different people. Some describe the pain like having your limb constantly being stung with stinging nettles or having multiple, electrified pins being jabbed into your skin. The effects of phantom limb pain can often be debilitating and last for the rest of the sufferers lifetime.

double amputee with playing cards

prosthetic lower leg with playing cards

offroad mobility scooter

mechanical prosthetic hand/grip

one armedman doing up zip

draw of proesthetic hands

Steve getting into his adapted van